Research Participant Resources

The TCRC is located on White 12 at the main campus of Massachusetts General Hospital, 55 Fruit St., Boston. Or some other short, friendly introductory text can go here.


When you arrive at the hospital, please ask the information desk for directions to White 12 or follow signs to the unit.

Once you arrive on the unit, please check in at the Reception Desk. The receptionist will direct you to the waiting area and notify your study physician and staff of your arrival.

You will be asked to provide your name and photo ID with date of birth.  You will also be completing a nursing assessment form that includes allergies, medications and past medical history. If you have not already signed an informed consent form, study staff will meet with you to obtain informed consent.  Your visit will begin once you have provided written consent to participate in this study. 


Depending on your visit, there may be more or less preparation required. Your study coordinator should info you of any specific items to bring.

You should bring

  • A photo ID
  • A list of medications/ supplements you take if you cannot remember off hand.

Below are some links for you to prepare for some of the common metabolism and nutrition procedures completed on the TCRC. Ask your study team if you are unsure what procedures you will be participating in at your visits:

More information on these items, and more, can be found under Metabolism and Nutrition Research  


They are scientific studies that answer questions about normal human functions, diseases and medical care and treatment. The overall aim is to improve our understanding of health and disease and develop more successful means to prevent, diagnose and treat disease.

Your role as a human volunteer is essential to the conduct of clinical research and to the advancement of medical care. It is important to keep all of your scheduled research appointments. Please completely answer questions regarding how you feel and whether you have taken your medication as directed. The completion of study tasks provides essential information on the best way to prevent, diagnose and treat disease.

If your visit is more than a few hours or is an overnight stay, you should bring the following:

  • Please bring your photo ID with you for your visit. Prior to your visit, please call Mass General Patient Registration at 866-211-6588, to confirm your registration information. Please have the following information available: Name, address, social security number, insurance information, emergency contact information.
  • A complete supply of all medications including prescription medications with pharmacy-labeled containers and appropriately labeled non-prescription medications that you are currently taking, and study medications
  • The hospital pharmacy will provide any medication that is part of the study
  • Hospitalization and Health Insurance Cards (even though you are here for a research study)
  • Clothing: The Hospital provides standard pajamas and gowns. Please bring any clothing that will make you comfortable. Many of our volunteers choose to wear their own clothes for at least part of every day
  • A copy of any Advance Directive (Living Will or Health Care Proxy) that you may have
  • Personal effects for your use during your stay. A television and DVD player are provided in each patient room at no charge.
  • You may bring your laptop computer and do work while you are here
  • Note that for many study visits, you will be asked to remove all jewelry. Please leave any valuables at home